Thursday, November 17, 2016

I'm back, it's been so long!

It's been so long since I've posted a blog, I don't really know where to start! My last post in 2014 I was dealing with some residual disease still invading my chest. I had a mediastinoscopy of my chest and all the lymph nodes that were recovered and tested turned out be non-cancerous. I was so relieved!!! That was in June.
So going back in time..... after transplant I went through a lot! I was told I would never have children, and I was going through medically induced menopause. It was the worst feeling. But I kept praying, my fiancé at the time kept his faith about the situation, and my church prayed for us. In October a miracle happened! I was pregnant! All my doctors were shocked!! "This wasn't supposed to happen" they said! But it did! I was the happiest I ever had been in my whole life! So was my family!
Ricky and I got married on 3/14/15 and I was six months pregnant. It was beautiful in every way!
Life was great! I got my port out because I thought I wouldn't need it anymore. I was done with all things cancer related! DONE! Then on July 18th I had my miracle baby boy, Abel! He was perfect in every way! He is still perfect! He's my light and strength! I'm so blessed to have him! Sometimes I still can't believe I'm a mom!! It's all I ever wanted! A dream come true! And I love it!
So I had been in remission since July of 2013. I was 
just living life, getting stronger and better every day. Spending precious time with my son. 
In August 2016 I felt a small lump in my neck. I immediately thought it was back. The beast was back! NO! Please no, ran through my thoughts constantly!
I then had a CT scan that revealed a mass in my chest, nothing came back active in my neck. If it wasn't for me feeling anything in my neck I probably wouldn't have known I had cancer again, until it got bad. So after three years of remission I'm back on the cancer saddle again! Somewhere I don't want to be. I'm going to be starting chemo again soon and most likely will be needing an Allogenic transplant, one with a donor this time. My brother will be first to be checked to see if he's a perfect match. And if not they'll search the national database for my perfect donor! Another long road I'm walking down at the moment. There's some really scary dark turns I'm about to face. But there's also this light guiding my way! I firmly believe God has all my plans in his hands!