Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Successful Donor Drive

On March 18th we held the Donor Drive! It was an absolutely amazing experience! We signed up 65 amazingly courageous people to the database! I felt so unbelievably supported and loved. It really meant so much to me that strangers, friends and family members came to the drive and signed up, to potentially save somebodies life!
Before The drive was held, I was interviewed for two local newspapers: The Ukiah Daily Journal, and The Willits News. It was scary for me to be "center of attention" but I knew I had to spread the word. Because of the efforts of my new friends through the Cancer Resource Center and myself papering the town with the flyer and spreading the word through Facebook and word of mouth, the Stem Cell/ Bone Marrow Drive was a huge success! Thank yous to everyone who came, and to BeTheMatch.org for holding the drive in our home town! I appreciate everyone! Here is the link to my BeTheMatch Page. If you know anybody who would like to sign up, its easy and Free! Save a LIFE!!


Here's some pictures and a short video of the event!









Front Page of the newspaper

Here are the links to the articles written about the drive and myself:



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